San Pedro Belize beach pictures

Quiet Friday

Front street

I slept in till 8 am today was up around 7am – lay in bed listening to the birds singing and drifted off again. I am sitting here drinking my morning iced coffee and fully enjoying the fact that I do not have to go anywhere or do anything today.

Cullen just called and we had a good talk about Cinco De Mayo, I was feeling a bit bummed out because we started organizing early this year and I was enjoying the luxury of time and being able to not feel under pressure to make it all happen so fast, but since I got sick I was not able to do any further planning and getting donations. After speaking to Cullen I feel better, at Thursdays advisory board meeting they got the teachers involved to help with the outdoor part of the event, after seeing how well they did the Valentines fair that was a huge relief to me. He got me to email last year’s info and said he and Francis would get busy this week in getting donations. Hooray. Time to eat some left over pizza and then nap. Made it to 2pm today without a rest break â that ‘s progress. Spending a quiet night with Paul. He went and got us an order of rice and beans with beef from Mickeys and we settled in to watch the Simpson’s movie – that had both of us laughing.

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