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Get Well motel

Taking my second dose of mms, chatting Alan on the coconut phone and looking at waterproof gear on ebay. It’s that time of year again to start preparing for Hurricane season.

Surprisingly no-one really sells decent waterproof gear that I have seen on the Island. Capt Sharks has some but not a lot considering boats, rain and hurricanes. Anyone have any good recommends on waterproof gear or good hurricane survival tips please leave a comment.

Going to get a couple more crank flashlights from wade the gringo when he arrives tomorrow. A coupe of people brought us Dot-it lights by Sylvania â big thanks for that I think they are a great addition to our hurricane kit. You can easily find dot-it-lights in my amazon shop I highly recommend them.

YAY – today the doctor said my lungs sound much better and that I do not have to go back till Monday 3 whole days off. In addition to the nebulizer she gave me 3 pills Azitromicina (more antibiotics) to make sure the virus is totally gone. My visit was a bit costly today $71.50 but if helps get my virus gone I can’t complain.

While I was walking to the doctors, I got thinking someone should start a Get Well motel. All rooms would have nice porches with hammocks. There would be a lounge area with big comfy couches and chez lounges where people could hang out and watch movies, an art and games area. For exercise people could choose from a wide variety of options like kite flying, walking on the beach, bouncing on those balls with handles we had when were kids, big wheel races, hula hoop classes, blowing bubbles and other fun activities. You would be able to order healthy food or comfort any time you needed day or night. Each room would have their own tv California king beds with comfy pillows and nice sheets and luxurious bathtubs. I think often people do not get enough time to just relax and do fun things or treat themselves to rest and relaxation in the name of good health – people are too busy working hard, paying bills, cooking for others, cleaning house and could probably use more pampering.

I am going to make a habit of doing things to pamper myself more and take more relaxation fun time where I can just be in the moment.

On dose 3 now â yuck it is not tasting any better but I have to say this stuff is kick-ass lol and I am sorry I did not start taking it sooner.

In mini chat right now lots of people there Chloe, e, ss, bb, hon, gailtor, we are having a good discussion in mini chat if size matters. I told ss I would let her know when Paul gets back with our large pizza.

New laundry from TQ

Paul hanging his laundry

5 thoughts on “Get Well motel

  1. tacogirl says:

    Hi Kirsten – email sent.

    TQ size matters especially when it comes to pizza ha ha.

    I think I will join you at the Get Well Motel Heather.

  2. travelqueen says:

    So what was the verdict? Does size matter… cuz I can give you my opinion on that!!!…

    Gial, your place to me is the Get Well Motel! I like your idea though! Very creative thinking!!

    Laundry… too funny!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hey there. This is the drama girl, Siren Song. So. here I am in beautiful San Pedro with stuff for the kids and the drama books and I cannot log into the message board and cannot pm you or check my previous message w/your info. Very weird! I am wondering about coming to the school Monday afternoon or Tuesday sometime. What do you think? I’m glad you’re feeling better by the way. You can email me directly at

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