San Pedro Belize beach pictures

Quiet day

How nice to have the luxury of a quiet day.

We are going to go to Pedro’s for a bit tonight and then I might stop at the fair on the way home to try my luck at Rita de Premios la Super Sonia game. I would be happy to win a big size laundry bucket.

Tomorrow there is a big beach party at Caliente we will likely go to that for a bit.

Charlie missing Pedro who went to Mexico

Going on a pizza run with Walter

After dropping off pizza at Fidos, Walter had to go back to work. paul went home and I went to the fair. This was the busiest night yet. Saw Beto and Nita (our landlord and his wife) Jamilla won a plastic ice bucket with a lid on it, that will come in handy when I make shrimp ceviche. Last time I made some for Sharon’s I did not have a good container to put it in.

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