San Pedro Belize beach pictures

Day 2 Dia De San Pedro

Today was the second day of the fair. After cooking up some snapper and stir fried veggies for dinner Paul and I headed off to check out the action.

We had a decent sized bag of packs of gum left over from our afternoon school party and so we figured it would be a nice treat for the Holy Cross Kids. Once we got there and found one of our gang, it did not take long for the rest to find us and the gum was gone.

My favorite fair game is called – Rita de Premios la Super Sonia (what a mouthful). For $2 you get to pick a rolled up Mexican bingo picture and if your picture matches one of the pictures they have assigned to the prizes, you win that item. They have some kids stuff but the bulk of the prizes are housewares (as you will notice in the picture below) I did not win anything this time around, so far I have won 2 nice baskets with handles on them, a set of 2 glasses, 3 plastic bowls, a smaller sized laundry bucket and a couple of kids posters, I gave one away and will find a home for the second one. Paul always laughs at my excitement in winning housewares there.

Morning Procession

Heading through town from the lagoon towards the big church on front street

Slide ride – this is a new addition – last year they had a second ferris wheel in this space

Holy Cross kids

Starting a flip

Long legs

upside down

Umbrella top ride

Kids hanging out

Busy night at the fair

Happy kids

Ferris Wheel

My favorite game – that guy won a laundry basket

I did not win tonight – earlier this week, I won a pink and and a green basket like that lady won

Friends out for a drive

Lined up for the ferris wheel

Chopper boy

Fish pond

Lending a hand

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