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Super Exciting

Yesterday morning Phil sent Paul a link to, a major poker site he checks as part of his morning routine.

The featured  article was – Poker Dispatches: India, Belize, New Zealand, Anhedonia. Right away I knew it was more international press about Bob Bounahra and how he is Big in Belize. Posting a bit of their article, please visit for the full read.

As the World Series of Poker proves more and more every year, it’s a big poker world out there.

And while the major players always get their column inches, there’s a growing list of places around the world where poker is gaining a foothold but not yet getting its share of coverage.

Bob Bounahra making the November Nine at the 2011 WSOP is probably the biggest thing to ever happen for poker in Belize.

They went on to mention how …. Virtually every newspaper or blog in the country has featured his story in some form and Bounahra has at least temporarily risen to minor-celebrity status across Central America.

You can imagine how excited I was when I read the next part ….  Ex-pat blogger tacogirl featured Bounahra in a recent post and snapped a few photos with him at home in his poker room at the Princess Casino in Belize City.

An excerpt:

“San Pedro poker players – Pedro – Chris Allnatt and Jock flew to Belize City to enjoy Sunday afternoon Poker with Bob Bounahra.

“Word on the street – ESPN is making plans to come interview celebrity poker player Bob Belize Bounahra in person.

“After making the cut for the WSOP November Nine, Bob said he gets people asking him to take pictures with them on a daily basis.”

I decided to celebrate with an extended pool day. After aquafit I came home and floated for a while, then gave myself the afternoon off and did a home spa treatment with aloe vera & coconut oil.

Here are pictures from Charlie’s birthday party at Pedro’s Sports Bar. Walters barbecue was finger licking good and the cake was flying off the plate. Charlie was happy a few of her friends came to celebrate and she got lots of presents.

6 thoughts on “Super Exciting

  1. al salter says:

    A single edge sword in truth: Isaiah 65:11 , “But ye who have forsaken the Eternal, ye who ignore His sacred hill, spreading tables to Good Luck, pouring libations to Fate, I make the sword your fate.”

  2. Remo says:

    Gambling seems to pay big dividends these days..who would of known:)

    A double edge sword indeed………

  3. al salter says:

    In college I played strip poker. That requires skill. Once you start to win you lose concentration and thats where your nubile opponent(s) get the edge.Then everyone wins even if you lose However most jurisdictions have an 18 to 30 age limit in the interest of esthetics.. Probably illegal in Belize anyway.

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