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Pizza Night

We were not planning on doing anything tonight, Beth was chatting with me on coconut phone and suggested to meet up at Pedro’s for pizza. Since it was to hot to feel like cooking and Cindy was working I thought that was a great idea and Paul agreed.

We were sitting at the bar playing poker dice and all of a sudden some said “you are taco girl aren’t you?” It was Joely from the message board and her bf and Tim, she had recognized me from my blog. I got razzed a bit over how many times that has happened and I told Cindy what does Paul expect we met in a chat room that is a big clue lol. We all laughed about it. Joely and Tim were nice and we enjoyed hanging out with them.

Played a few rounds of wii bowling and Tim and Paul played golf for a bit.

Aida won big at poker and bought us a drink. Pizza was great, we had the usual 1/2 bbq chicken 1/2 garlic shrimp.

Walter told Joely and Tim they should check out Fido’s so we said we would take them there. Walter ended up having to drop off a couple of pizzas, caught us along the way and we all piled into the golf cart.

Fido’s was bust we ran into Laura, Lyrical King Capt Jeff and Steve, which was handy as we had just finished pointing out coconet to Tim and told him Steve was the man to talk to on fishing. It was handy to be able to introduce them.

My fav shot of Peter and Charlie – both smiling

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