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Cheese Cake

Laura and I were chatting on msn messenger aka coconut phone today, she works at Coldwell Banker around the corner from us. She mentioned we should come over to visit and said that she had some real New York cheese cake from Carnegie Deli in New York City.

I do not have a huge sweet tooth often Paul cashes in and gets 1/2 my dessert , but living on an island there are certain things you just do not come across to often and this is one of them so I was glad for the offer. I told Paul when he was ready for a break we should pop over and say hi.

We chatted for a while then Paul left to go do something and I hung out a while longer. Got to see a nice rainbow, I always consider that a good omen.

Real cheese cake – it sure was tasty going for a bit more of my half now

Rainbow from the balcony of Coldwell Banker

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