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Living in Belize

Piranha tech day


Today is turning into a piranha tech day – piranha is my new term for grouchy thanks to Dr Al. Trying to take a document picture on my Olympus Stylus Tough camera, it keeps coming out fuzzy, I have absolutely no idea why and the manual is no help. I also noticed my delete button is not working as well as it should be for a water proof camera. Best solution right now is for me to step away from the camera and take a deep breath.

My getting away turned into visiting Zac with Dennis and getting sidetracked playing around with applied kinesiology & muscle testing. It was a perfect break  away to clear my head and I decided to leave taking that one picture for tomorrow and deal with it then.

san pedro belize

Heading North


san pedro caye

Heading East

ambergris san pedro

Heading South on wheels

ambergris caye belize

Heading West


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  1. tacogirl January 28, 2012

    You are right there Dr Al, it was my 9 year old cousin who got me to understand loading my ipod shuffle. I wish I could be the Ansel Adam’s of point and shoot ha ha. Will have more camera trials tonight too lol have to find anti shake option and good night time setting on Cannon.

  2. DR AL January 28, 2012

    Anytime you are having tech problems involving electronics more complex than a toaster, find a teenage boy . They have innate knowledge of these things that we lack. Besides your pics are not bad, not Ansel Adams but acceptable.


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