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Living in Belize

Events Leading up to the Fundraiser


Organizing a large fundraiser is no small thing, especially when it comes to preparation. I can just imagine how Shelly, Eve and Cheryl must be feeling right now with all their hard work, hopefully cat naps are in process.

I have been in process getting ready for the fundraiser  since Monday with blogging a first announcement. Tuesday more aquafit to get beauteous gluteous for the party 🙂 Picked out my dress and  sold 2 tickets to Cowboy Doug by text on Wed. In the afternoon  Gigi and Debra [also volunteering tonight along with Dennis] and I went and picked up the money from Cowboy and headed to Carole’s shop to buy the tickets. Saturday morning was fun watching the models practice on the cat walk while we exercised in the pool.

Belize rain report by Cowboy Doug – a little over 2/ 10th’s this morning.

More to come and possibly live broadcast around 7:00 pm of the fashion show and close to 9:00pm of pineapple Willy tonight if the internet gods permit.

Unfortunately internet gods were not on my side. I could connect by the snack shack but not anywhere near the runway. Pictures coming as soon as I finish paring then down to a reasonable number.

I got right up to the fashion show and decided that is enough pictures for this post. I will finish sorting and add the rest of the party pictures in a new post later on[or possibly tomorrow if other work keeps me busy].

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  1. tacogirl January 31, 2012

    Thanks Janice.

  2. Janice January 30, 2012

    Great photos Laurie. Everyone looks so nice all dressed up! Sorry we missed this fun event by one day!!!

  3. tacogirl January 30, 2012

    Thanks Gigi, it was a great time, close to done fashion show ones will get them up today.

  4. Gigi January 29, 2012

    was a great turn out.had a great time..Your pics turned out good

  5. Emily January 29, 2012

    Good going.

  6. tacogirl January 29, 2012

    Thanks Maureen not often I have the opportunity to dress up and get to wear my skinny bitch dress ha ha

  7. tacogirl January 29, 2012

    rofl Emily I ate whole gringo burger and fries and cottage pie later that night.

  8. Maureen January 28, 2012

    Laurie, you look FABULOUS!

  9. Emily January 28, 2012

    Pretty dress, but give that girl a Wade the Gringo burger. And fries. Lots of fries!


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