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Living in Belize

Pink Slips For Pedro And Charlie


Aqua-fit class was great today, Madame and I had the pool all to ourselves. Not sure what happened to Chunky and Ruth. Cindy, Carole and Paul all passed today – they pulled the “it’s too cold” card this morning. I almost did that too, as I was a bit slow this morning after jam night at Sweet Basil yesterday.

Paul was pretty surprised I went, but I needed to clear my head. It was a good thing I did too, as I made a deal with Madame, and am getting a cottage pie on Thursday. We also found out there will be no pool time Friday, due to the Easter Holiday.

Chatting with Carole on the coconut phone about doing a BBQ at their place later for lunch. Found out some interesting news when I got home… Word on the street is that Pedro and Charlie have been given their pink slips and Cindy and Molly are now in charge.


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  1. tacogirl April 22, 2009

    I did Ruthie – it was fun

    You forgot more congenial CT

  2. Carbunkle Trumpet April 7, 2009

    Good News, I think that the combo of Cindy and Molly are a heck of a lot prettier than Pedro and Charlie!

  3. Ruthie April 7, 2009

    Good job TG. You had your own personal trainer this morning!


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