Paella and Pasta night

3:30am I was dreaming about rain and in my dream I was dealing with some wet curtains – all of a sudden I got jolted out of sleep by the feeling of cool rain hitting my legs in real life so I  jumped up to close the window and here I am.

Last night we went to  Paella and Pasta night at Pedro’s Pizza. Once a month or so they do special food nights with guest chef’s. Martin and Walter did a fine job in the kitchen. The appetizers were yummy – I could not decide which one I wanted so I asked for a combo plate to try a bit of both. After walking in the kitchen to take some food pics I knew immediately before even tasting the food that the Paella was going to win first place and I was right.

We got offered pudding for a sweet treat afterward. Cindy Peter Jones and I got in a pudding conversation. I know pudding as in creamy jello chocolate kind that you make from a box or ready made pudding snack cups  -whereas pudding for them most often refers to a dessert, but may also refer to a savory dish. What we got served as pudding was ice cream and fruit.

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