Annual Rainfall Belize

Dodging Puddles

Still dodging puddles from the 11 inches of rain we got the other day  – luckily I made it through with out wipe-outs though I did have a couple of close calls on my way home from the pool.  I wonder how Wednesdays rain will change this years Annual Belize Rainfall numbers – likely see a big spike for May 2010.

Got an email from Carbunkle Trumpet today with a link that I had to share with you foodies –  some very funny pictures of Flat Chunky at the Memphis World Championship Barbecue Cooking Contest. The pictures are priceless and definitely worth checking out.

I am posting my favorite pictures of the guy in long yellow raincoat and a few others that I managed to salvage from my dying waterproof camera taken the day of the big rain.

Belize Rainfall

Annual Belize rainfall

Annual Rainfall Belize

Annual Rainfall Belize

Annual Rainfall Belize

4 thoughts on “Dodging Puddles

  1. tacogirl says:

    Many of us enjoy the rain so much cause we are grateful to have escaped snow ha ha. I was so happy on the 11 inch day cause it makes for great blogging and thankful it was nothing more than a big rain. Everyone is looking forward to seeing you too – news of your visit is causing quite a stir on our small island. That is great John sent you emailed you the article. I have a hard copy saved for you.

  2. Joey Stevens says:

    Taco Girl it sounds like you folks enjoy the rain down there way too much. I’m sure the day you got 11″ we had forecasted scattered showers!!! (It never fails). Really looking forward to seeing al the folks in San pedro in June for the Lobsterfest, my manager emailed me the great article in the local paper…thank you!! Looking forward to coming down.

  3. tacogirl says:

    lol @ chocolate pudding I rode through some on the way home. Rain shorts would be very cool. I would like a shirt sleeve rain dress my poncho gets damn hot. Perhaps we could team up and get some sensible rain gear designed. Can’t wait to see the not for blog pics.

  4. carbunkle trumpet says:

    I can empathize with ya on the rain, we had ‘gully washers’ for both BSMusic and BBQ and Tom Lee Park looks like chocolate pudding right now.
    Got the closest feeling to being in San Pedro during the rains as I am driving across the park in my golf cart and my rain pants sprung a leak an I had we tushie.

    I need to invent a pair of rain shorts b/c every pair of pants I try on have enough leg room for 2 more CBT’s!

    I will have to send you some of the ‘not for blog publication’ pics that I took. One involved an ice luge and Chunky.

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