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Pedro’s Party

Just got the gifts wrapped for the present swap game at Pedro’s. This year’s party will be bigger than ever – Pedro said he had to cut the list at 70 and is doing a tent outside. It will be our 3rd Christmas at Pedro’s – I can still remember our first invite and how happy we were to be on the Sad Bastards Christmas invite list.

There were Christmas crackers for everyone and those popper things that shoot shiny colorful bits all over – the floor was covered in sparkle. Everyone stuffed themselves and hard to believe, but Paul could not even look at the dessert table after dinner.

The present game was massive this time and loads of fun – definitly lots of steal worthy items. After the gift game the giant Stilton came out which made a lot of people very happy.

Carole and I have always said Pedro’s needs a dance floor as the music is so good. Tonight it did not matter that there was no dark corner people got to dancing the night away and enjoyed strutting their stuff.

My pictures stopped after the Stilton but anyone who has some later shots is welcome to submit them.

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