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Jazz Christmas Brunch – Blue Lotus

As a true foodie, I’m sitting here looking at the menu from the Blue Lotus flyer thinking about how good this morning’s brunch will be. Brunch today has many selections – scrambled eggs with sauteed vegetables & cheese, chicken kabobs, sausages, grilled veggies, pasta salad, stuffed sweet coconut nan, fresh fruit, key lime pie, and coconut pie, along with juices and hot beverages, of course.

As soon as we got off the boat, we could smell the flavorful aroma of breakfast drifting our way and heard the sound of Billy Chapman playing Jazz. What a perfect way to spend Christmas morning.

Rudy, Paul and I enjoyed a leisurely brunch and the food was delicious, especially the stuffed coconut nan and scrambled eggs. I’m also a fan of chai tea and that is my preferred drink of choice at Blue Lotus, although I will say they do make a good Piña Colada.

We got to see Abdulla and his wife Lorie again, and they are very much enjoying their stay at Brahma Blue. It’s a welcome break from Connecticut winter and they are planning to come back and do a drumming workshop in the future.

The pontoon boat came and went a few times with people drifting in and out, while we ate chatted and enjoyed the music. After brunch a group gathered in the lounge area to play games and relax.

When it was time to leave for our next party, we enjoyed a nice boat-ride back to town, capping off a very enjoyable Christmas morning.

Shout out to Jeannie on this one – I know you’re a Jazz fan and would enjoy this mornings festivities if you were here.

Headed to Blue Lotus

Brunch at Blue Lotus

Plate full of food

Musician performing at Blue Lotus

Blue Lotus restaurant

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