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What a night

I am sure last nights St Patrick’s Day party at Pedro’s has a few people on Belize time this morning. Great party for people watching and live music – Irish stew was to die for. After 4.5 h sleep I am feeling like a snail – all I can think about is going to the pool and chilling out in class.

Will leave you with a funny Irish joke one of my readers sent.

Patrick & Sean had been friends since childhood and both worked at the local Guiness brewery. As Patrick was not married, Sean’s wife, Maeve always asked him to dinner on Fridays.

This particular Friday, Patrick, as was customary, knocked on the door and Maeve shouted, “Come in Patrick.” then noticed that he was alone. “And where Pray is my man Sean?”

“Ah well, Maeve, I have the bad news for you that he is drownded. He was walking round the edge of a big vat of Guiness, like a fool and he fell in and got drownded.”

” Oh, Mother of God, did he pass quickly without suffering,” said Maeve. “Well, I’m not sure of the suffering bit,” answered Patrick, “but it wasn’t quick. He got out three times for a pee!!! ”

Don’t forget tomorrow night is  March poker run will be starting 6:00pm at the Roadkill, moving onto El Divino, Blackbeards, Playa Chell finishing at Pedro’s Inn. Usual $25 /hand, as many as you want or share your stake. See you all there for the usual fun “n” games. No Poker Skills Needed.

2 thoughts on “What a night

  1. Alan Slater says:

    Hit the wrong button again!!! Can’t wait for my cataract op.
    You all looked to have had a great time, at the St. Patrick’s Shindig. We went to the Elk’s Lodge for ours and had Irish Stew followed by Corned Beef & Cabbage and Mint Brownies and Irish Coffee for desert!!!! Of course, prior to eating, it was mandatory to sample a few pints of Guiness.
    As we used to say in England……..” quite a good pissup,”

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