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Organic Farming in Belize

Bach track to Yesterday afternoon. Walked to Tropic Air Cargo for 1:30  as planned to pick up our precious veggies coming in from Belmopan  – unfortunately it was not there yet and they said they would call me at 2:30 as soon as it came in. Luckily Sue and Rick had offered to meet me there and bring the veggies back to their place as I had arranged to borrow their fridge for a few hours – so I caught a ride home with them.

True to their word Tropic Cargo guys called me at 2:14  and said I could come by any time to pick up the 2 boxes. Again my hitching luck was riding high and I caught a ride back to Tropic with Cindy who was on her way back to work.  Pick up was easy – shipping was already paid and all I had to do was sign for it. Our fav cab driver Carlos sent someone to pick me up and I was at Rick and Sue’s place in no time. We filled their spare fridge and I told him I w0uld be back with tacoboy to pick everything up at 6:30.

All the while Zac and I were texting back and forth and when I got home and checked his email I found out why the order seemed a bit light – there was a bit of a struggle to ship on the mainland with mass transportation systems on holidays so we will likely be getting a second shipment tomorrow as well as taking orders for Thursday.

Stuff pretty much flew off the table tonight and all that Zac was left with was some moringa powder – cherry tomatoes and parsley. Everyone was very pleased with their purchases. After talking to Char I am quite excited to try moringa in my smoothies. After smelling the  cacao in the sampler mix with moringa and chia seeds I want some of that too it had such a rich chocolaty smell.

In foodie heaven – just ate a big salad with organic greens – arugula – parsley and the most delicious cherry tomatoes. Dessert is a strawberry banana smoothie with mroinga powder and chia seeds. Shout out to Zac for making it all happen and giving us some affordable  healthy green options.

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Organic Belize Farming

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6 thoughts on “Organic Farming in Belize

  1. tacogirl says:

    It is on the mainland and Zac is the distributor for all of Ambergris Caye. While I do not know a lot about it I think you are probably right about to much sand. Also space would be an issue too if it was for consumer over personal. The farm on the mainland is teaching other mainland farms how to go organic so that will expand the organic produce market in Belize.

  2. Alan Slater says:

    Hi Laurie,
    Is the organic veggie farm on the mainland, or is it on Ambergris Caye? If it is not on the Caye, could such a farm be achieved, or is there too much sand and insufficient soil?
    Alan S.

  3. tacogirl says:

    Facebook is a huge way of life here Emily – everyone uses it to keep informed about what is going on – cheaper than phone. Nice that it was the Organic Veggies that tipped the scale for you.

  4. Emily (@EmilySNC) says:

    So excited about Zac doing this! Thanks for the pointer to his Facebook page too…I am following. I had been resisting signing up for FB for years, and THIS got me to sign up at long last! Organic veggies in San Pedro – what could be better?!

  5. tacogirl says:

    That sounds like a great idea Michele – I told Zac I wanted to blog the farm as soon as this started up so tag team blogging it will be even better. We are in Florida till April 8th so after that will work.

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