On the Move Towards

I have been working hard and moving fast towards launching

Thanks to Alissa’s guest posts on Cayo the past 2 days – I have been able to immerse myself in WordPress and get familiar with it. I found once I started it was pretty easy, although I know I’ve just touched the surface.

I also found a good WordPress tutorial site – that walks you through some very useful stuff.

Really getting a better feel for twitter and how I can use it to help market my blog.

I just saw @tacogirl on right-hand side of twitter and realized that not only do I know how to reply to a direct tweet, (by moving the cursor to the right of the tweet to bring up direct reply arrow) but now I can see peoples replies or direct messages to me that I may have missed.

There’s more to come – I have so many things on my plate right now, but the first one needs to be food.

This afternoon I am tackling something on my blog list that’s needed to be done for a while, but was never quite the right timing – redoing my labels. I’ve come up with a few new ones and now I have to check all 761 posts one at a time to make sure the labels are right and add new ones where applicable. Lots of work but well worth it, as I think the label option is a good search function if done well.

Sometimes when doing blog labels people get too caught up and want to stick a post in too many categories when in reality it should only be in one or two. It can be a bit tricky deciding, but well worth making sure you get it right so people get the most out of searching on your blog.

The new categories I have added are:

– fishing

– cool stuff

– 411

– Island Life

– Stuff Swap

-Useful Information.

I managed to get through doing 161 posts before I had to take a break. We were supposed to go to Lime for the chili cook-off, but when I walked down to meet Paul at Pedro’s, I had to sit down at the bar, and I just could not get up after that. So we stayed there and ate pastries with a side of beans; then played Yahtzee and bowled.



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