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A great ride – Extreme Adventures Belize

6:00 am Saturday morning and I am back at my labels again – I have to get them done asap as we are off to parasail this afternoon.

It’s been a great ride a good ride on blogger but I have outgrown being here and I am ready to let it go put my attention on the next level.

My transition is almost complete and tomorrow is my last blogger post.

8:02 am still on second page of editing 300 posts. Been at this a solid 2 h so far and almost done. Will break before the last 300 and team up with Paul on revamping my amazon store before he goes to his morning meeting.

9:30 am – still glued to my chair got slowed down by a power out – finally finished second section of work – 300 posts left to go through – and a big sigh of relief when it is over.

I wish I could fast forward to this afternoon and all our work be done ha ha – I am definitly ready to float in the sky right about now.

12:16pm I made it up to 2009 and am pushing the envelope for time. Got to get to town by 12:45.

More later

I think it is safe to say I can speak on behalf of everyone on the boat today and say Thanks to Monica Alex and Kevin for making our parasail trip with Extreme Adventures today an all around good trip. Alex and Kevin did a great job of keeping us all laughing and making sure we were safe at every step of the way.

Our flight height was 250 – 300 ft and what a gorgeous day to be out on a boat and taking turns soaring above San Pedro with a bunch of we have never met who all turned out to be really nice. We had Benjamin from Chaa Creek – Frank who lives on the mainland and Darsi Salazar & Jose Acosta 2 teachers from Corozal who were doing a tandem parasail.

Tune in for part 2 Monday  for my view from the air.

8:o9 pm whew here is my big sign of relief – finally finished going through all 761 posts. Time to get ready for Helda’s birthday party at Roadkill. Party was fun – lot’s of friends there. Watched people take turns whacking a Belikin bottle pinata and the frenzy for candy and mini squire guns after it opened. Helda Colette and Joe did some karaoke by that time we were ready to call it a night. Party pics coming soon.

extreme adventures Belize

Extreme Adventures Belize 226 – 3513

Ready for blast off

Floating high up in the sky

Coming in for a landing – Benjamin’s turn

Great day for a parasail

Flying high on his first trip

Benjamin touching down

Frank is up

Lift off

Frank way up there

Frank just landed – Benjamin still smiling from his 1st solo flight

Darsi Salazar & Jose Acosta go airbourne

Hanging out chating

2 thumbs up

One occasion it’s ok to double dip ha ha

Darsi Salazar & Jose Acosta make smooth easy landing

Back to town

Extreme Adventures crew

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