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Off we go

What a night last night – got to Cindy and Pauls and we just missed Mark and Paul.

Mark was not supposed to arrive till the 22 but he turned up early and everyone was in the mood to let loose. To make the night even more interesting. the power kept going out for short bits all night.

My wii bowling scores of the night – played first 2 games by myself
169 – Pedro 181
After that no scores – every time we started a game mother nature shut us down.

Carole was a good friend – Mark and Paul h were trying to force feed me a tequila and she took the bullet for me – thanks girl.

Later we moved onto a game of strip foozeball but only went as far as tops. Pedro really does need to get that table leveled lol.

By the end of the night they did get me to have a couple of vodka cranberry it just reminded me why I do not care to drink – got the headache without the drunk part.

Did not get out of there till 3 am.

Everyone is in various states today – Dick Cindy and I are ready for the boat. Carole has to do a wedding. At the moment the 2 Pauls and Mark are horizontal. I know for sure my Paul is not coming will see if the other 2 perk up at all.

Our boating adventure was beyond fantastic. Paul h and mark made it after all. After picking them up we headed west stopping at different spots along the way to explore. Our final destination was the sand bar – water was higher than when we were last there.

Time slowed right down and before we knew it was time to head back to town for the stuff swap. Had just enough time to get cleaned and head to Pedro’s. Cindy and Mark beat us there by seconds – we lost Paul h and gained my Paul. Swap was fun and those of us that came all got something cool. We enjoyed pizza and bowling.

3 thoughts on “Off we go

  1. tacogirl says:

    Ha Ha tq she was just trying to get rid of some tan lines.

    Thanks Wayne. we really have met some great people since moving here and that includes Mexico bloggers as well.

  2. wayne says:

    You really do lead a fun, adventuresome, full, unending life, don’t you! Plus you have a ton of friends. I envy you guys a lot.

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