San Pedro Belize beach pictures

Day off

Took the day off except for deleting 10 pages of emails.

Won bid on eBay for a nice blue bikini tonight – the bottoms have ruffles on the butt ha ha. Surprisingly for living on an Island there are not a lot of good womens swimsuits that I have seen.

Dick got of early and just popped me on the coconut they will be here any minute to pick us up to head over to Paul and Cindy’s.

Wish I was that curvy in the waist

2 thoughts on “Day off

  1. tacogirl says:

    LOL it is actually being sent here from Texas – not sure how close to where you are though.

  2. travelqueen says:

    What a cute bikini! Send it to my house! I’ll surely try it out for you – make sure it’s in working order! 😉

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