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Off the Menu Like List

Sometimes people fall under the impression that bloggers  always like everything and give only rave reviews. Any thoughts on that from those who currently blog?

Last night I was on my way home from afternoon meetings and decided that picking up dinner at our neighborhood tostada stand was a much better option than cooking – imagine that 🙂  There no shortage of  local food options with tasty well priced meals around San Pedro. In my almost 7 years of living here, I can honestly say I have had very few mediocre food shack or street meat experiences. At $8 bzd a plate, the price was right and although the food looked good, it was a  reminder smaller local food places can be a crap shoot.

Sometimes you get what you pay for, and that turned out to be  cheap cut of meat making the pork on the chewy side, the rice was really good and the coleslaw passed, although it was a but creamy for my taste. We both agreed that their stewed pork is off the like list and we will stick with their  stewed chicken and tostadas. There was only one order of chicken left which is why I did not go with my preferred choice.

As I watched them putting our to go plates together, I noticed the woman serving me was about to put the styrofoam containers in the microwave but I caught her and said no thanks. One thing about fast food places you have to watch out for things like that and or a large half full  jar of mayo being taken off the shelf instead of from the refrigerator. I had that experience in Boca Del Rio once and they also tried to heat my styro 🙁

The endearing side of food stands is watching one of the women who works there coming out of the hot pink tienda [store] across the road with 2 cabbages and a carrot so she can make your coleslaw. I keep thinking I need to find a couple of 3 portion Rubbermaid containers that match the size of styro take out containers. Anyone seen anything comparable? Note to self: check ebay.

The tostada stand was my plan b, in a perfect world I would have got John’s cooking. When I was riding my bike past Robin’s Kitchen, he was not ready and I was to tired too wait. He makes the best coconut curry fish – heaven on a plate. John  does dry fry, jerk chicken or fish and more. He will also cook your catch any way you like it and makes the best happy ending to any fishing trip. The pictures below are from the time David Mary1220 and I ate at Robin’s while they were here after hitting El Fogon, see pictures in Who makes the best Johnny Cakes and El Fogon restaurant review.

I have been eating at El Fogon and  John’s cooking since we moved abroad in January 2006 and he used to sell barbecue in the park, I am so glad he has his own place. John also does a lot of community work,  including things like making sure that kids who are in need books, backpacks and uniforms get them. So while you are at Robin’s Kitchen  for a delicious meal, ask him if there is someone he is trying to help and pay it forward.

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Robin’s Kitchen
san pedro belize reviews
John flipping his famous barbecue chicken
san pedro belize restaurants
Grilled fish
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Barbecue chicken
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David reading his book while we wait for our food

2 thoughts on “Off the Menu Like List

  1. tacogirl says:

    Makes sense Emily. I will check Caye Supplies for container. Yes not a fan of styrofoam in the microwave and agree a ban would be nice, the only trouble is how to replace it with something better for businesses. Wade the gringo did a good job of that for his products.

  2. Emily says:

    I’ve had a few mediocre meals around town but do tend to blog the good ones, because on the rare occasions I’ve gotten something I didn’t love, it was at a place where I’d had other good meals, so I wouldn’t stop eating there. I’ve had dry grouper at Wild Mango’s, dry fish tacos at Caliente, and bland/bla falafel sandwich at Ak’Bol. All of these are places I love and return to but just get something different.

    For your plastic container, try upstairs at Caye Supplies. They tend to have a lot of different plastic containers, at least last time I was there (which has been awhile). I can’t believe they were putting styrofoam in the microwave — that’s a huge no-no as it releases tons of toxins. ICK! I would love to see this island ban the use of styrofoam completely. It is so awful for the environment.

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