san pedro sunset

Alll Kinds of Weather

Today was one of those days where we have been lucky enough to experience a wide range of weather, we even got a rainbow in amidst the sun, rain and fast approaching cloud cover. I also noticed the breeze has been coming in a bit more from the west which often brings cooler temperatures.

I took the opportunity to enjoy the sun while it was out and get a nice walk in this morning. Part of the reason for my walk was a grocery run , so I headed down the road that leads to Marina’s  stopped at a fruit stand near Banyan Bay.  I picked up 1/4 watermelon, 2 beets, 2 carrots, 2 plantains, and 5 bananas for 12.50 bzd, I would have added a pineapple if I was not walking. Next came our corner store where I spent $31.15  for a jar of Nescafe Dolca coffee, a box of Lala milk, 2 green apples from Washington, 2 tomatoes and a tube of tooth paste.

As soon as I got home the sky changed again and grew dark, perfect weather for an afternoon nap .

I will leave you with a couple of sunset pictures I snapped on Thursday afternoon as I was passing by the Crocodile pond, it is always so peaceful there at that tine of day.

san pedro sunset
Sunset by the croc pond
belize pictures
Riding by the croc pond


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