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Learning Google+

It has been a tech morning today, been learning my way around google+ by updating my page profile. I am not convinced I am ready to use it yet but I can see a few benefits to at least keeping current information. You can put your settings on searchable so anyone can find it. Another interesting feature the Belize Water Taxi pictures I put up somehow made it to a gallery in my phone. I have been watching speedboats and I got an email this morning from someone who tuned into taco cam page to watch the sunrise. This afternoon another regular reader wrote, Just took a peak at cam…  can’t wait to feel that breeze… San Pedro Belize weather report – I am still enjoying our cold front, perfect weather for the 6th Annual San Pedro Holiday boat parade this Saturday and just enough winter for me. I even wore my camo fleece hat and a vest the other day. Today it is nice an sunny with a good second story breeze happening. I Will leave you with pics from yesterday afternoon’s beach walk, plus a few extras I found on my camera.

Pictures taken with an Olympus Stylus Tough 8010  – 14 megapixel – waterproof   33ft -  shockproof 6.6ft

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