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Below is a great update from Heather Zwicker on the progress of the compost toilets for San Mateo area. She sent a picture to go along with – I will post that later this week – I wanted to make it clearer where it is marked off to show Chayan’s house and where the first compost toilet will go.

I have pics uploaded from tonight’s annual Boogie in Belize skydiver poker party fundraiser.

Hi Laurie, This is just a quick update about Direct Abundance and the project in San Mateo.   Carol, David and I have been moving forward in our project.  We are so happy to have Chayan Williams from San Mateo join our group.  He has offered a lot of insight and knowledge in the planning stages and helped form the community group that will eventually take over the building of the composting toilet systems once we get the project off the ground.

Boy! When I started this journey I had no idea the amount of details that would need to be worked out and because of that our time lines are getting pushed back, but we all agree we are only going to only move forward when everything is set for success.

Carol and David are overly generous with sharing their knowledge and expertise in this and are continually revising and improving the plans!  I am so excited!  Everyone is doing their part to make this happen and I can’t thank everyone enough, especially you tacogirl, for your endless support in this.

Because of tacogirl blog, we were contacted by David and Mary that are in Ambergris Caye until the end of March, who would like to help with the first build!  YAY!!    I have attached where the first system will be built.  Chayan circled his property in red pen.  It is close to the river by the bend.
Hopefully I’ll see you soon then later!

Take care and get well soon, Heather


We continue to work with Humber College and are planning a second presentation with them in March! How lucky are we!!! They are awesome and planning a fund-raiser for the composting toilets AND a school supplies drive for us to take down and deliver to the childrens homes, womens shelters and needy schools!

We also have another great person who has joined our team and whats to help Holy Cross Primary School. Daniel Bida founder of ReGenerate is an expert in Biofuel and is wanting to help offset some of the schools feeding program costs by designing a biogas distributor that will use the methane gas released from food breaking down to fuel the stoves! Totally Cool!

Sorry for delay here is poker party update [still not back to normal yet]. They raised over $4000 for the library which is a great cause. Forrest did not want to play but decided to donate anyways and he asked Paul to do the honors. Paul ended up playing right down to the last table. I believe klcman came on 3rd and I am not sure who was first and second.

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