San Pedro Belize beach pictures

Belize Breeze

We had a really nice breeze this morning at our house – good airflow is a big thing to consider when you are renting or buying real estate in Belize. Went for a float in the pool this morning along with Cindy – Jack and Paul – it was nice to just lay there and relax.

Paul said that a cold front is supposed to be coming in over the next couple of days and it might bring some rain with it. I would not mind that even though I can tell the medication is kicking in this bug has really kicked my butt big time.

For those of you who are in San Pedro don’t forget the big annual Skydiver poker tournament Sunday 6:00pm at Pedro’s. $100 usd buy in  with money going to a great cause the San Pedro library.

San Oedri Belize

Boat in Belize

San Pedro BelizeSan Pedro BelizeSan Pedro Belize

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