honey garlic spare ribs

Not Freezing Yet and our All You Can Eat Gluttony

So far so good – we are not freezing yet during our Canadian vacation, which is surprising after being spoiled by tropical weather the last 8 years. Yesterday morning we took the dogs for a nice nature walk at the conservation park across from our friend’s house. It was nice to see that a good chunk of land was untouched by the concrete jungle.

We ended up going on a short shopping trip before dinner. Monique wanted to bring me to the mall where my mom used to have a cosmetics shop, and to a new Asian grocery store called Oceans so I could restock on more iced coffee. We got mall head fast and were overwhelmed by choices, so other than a sim chip for Paul’s phone and a phone case for mine we did not bother with anything else. At Oceans I was in Heaven, and told everyone they could lock me up there for 24 hours and I would eat my way around the store.

fluffy socks
Our friend Monique gifted me with a nice pair of fluffy socks.
mr brown iced coffee
She also stocked my favorite drink – canned Mr.Brown iced coffee.
They laughed at me taking a picture of dandelions.
Large pine tree on our nature walk
Large pine tree on our nature walk.
bichon frise dog
Playing in puddles.
conservation park bridge
Bridge on nature path.
credit river
Crossing the river.

Of course, what’s a vacation without totally pigging out on all the things you cannot get where you live? We decided to call a group dinner, and our friends Monique and Joanne were great about working together/organizing everything for an all you can eat buffet at the Mandarin. I knew Monique would choose the one in Brampton because it has giant fish tanks which are always fun to watch.

We ended up with about 15 people and had a great time catching up and stuffing ourselves silly. I put my bet on Greg, Monique’s boyfriend, and he won the eating contest going through 10 plates. I came in a not so close second at 5 plates of food.

When it came time for dessert Paul asked why I was loading up on fruit. Of course, my immediate reply was “have you seen the price of strawberries in Belize?”

all you can eat buffet
Plate number 1
mandarin aquarium
Kieran beside the giant fish tank.
mandarin all you can eat buffet
Sushi time – plate number 2.
mandarin all you can eat sushi bar
Plate number 3 – more sushi.
honey garlic spare ribs
Plate number 4 – onto the good stuff.
birthday party at mandarin restaurant
Glen and birthday girl Joanne.
all you can eat buffet
Plant number 5 – yummy sweet treats.
mandarin all you can eat sushi bar brampton ontario
Friends and family enjoying a group dinner.

Today we are heading to our 3rd destination in 3 days – my mom and step dad Norm’s house. We will overnight and from there we will head out to Paul’s parent’s farm for a few days. We will not likely have internet there so I will be officially on blog break.

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  1. Heather says:

    Hello tacogirl. … i have been reading your blogs. Im moving to Belize with my two arge breed dogs but im having problems trying to figure out how to get them there. Most airlines wont do it an im afraid to drive through Mexico by myself.
    Any thoughts

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