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New Belize Coast Guard Boat

Love T.V. Visits the San Pedro Youth Sailing Program

Last Sunday, Maria Novelo from Love Television visited the San Pedro Sailing Club’s Youth Training Program during preparations for this Saturday’s National Championship Regatta. Here is her superb video and
commentary, which aired yesterday.  (Regrettably, the club’s Press Officer’s remarks aren’t quite as polished as Maria’s; he needs to lose the “ums”  and “ahs.” ) Still this is a nice preview to this Saturday’s National
Championship Regatta.

In the video above you will see 7 boats competing. On Saturday there will be 19. The spectacle will be well worth attending, and a crowd of about 200 is anticipated, half of them supporters from the mainland.

Respectfully submitted, Forrest Jones, Press Officer San Pedro Sailing Club.

I was going to bring my computer to Dick’s house yesterday so I could blog from there but decided to go old school and use pen and paper instead. We hung out and chatted about life, the new paths we are choosing continuously, and getting in shape. Dick is going for 6 pack abs as well, I need to find mine again not been to the pool this week and missing Eileen’s aquafit class due to a bad cold. Figures I get sick right when I have the house to myself for a week.

We caught sight of the new Belize coast guard boat across the canal. It looks super cool and like it could handle rough weather. Dick snapped a few pics on his new kodak waterproof camera so I could use them for blog.

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