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Blogging in Bed

This is my first trial run for blogging on my new lg thrive android phone  – how cool is that? I am laying in bed blogging and watching vh1 – marketing geniuses in rock and roll. There are some great ones out there, kiss and peter Gabriel were both just highlighted. I would ad Pink and Lady Gaga to my list, like them or not they definitely know how to capture people’s attention. Lady Gaga’s music awards costume are always the most talked about.

Enough about rock stars and more about my new tech toy. So far I would highly recommend this phone, my one main issue is the touch screen keyboard, but Robilio said that once I get used to it, will not be bad. He also recommended rain-x to help protect the screen from humidity. Dick said I may be able to find it large sized quantity for a small fortune at Captain Sharks – will have to check when I am better.

Here are a few reasons I am loving my new android smart phone:

LG Thrive has the functionality of an Android-powered smartphone and the flexibility of being pay as you go.

LG Thrive is a candy bar smartphone running Android 2.2. It sports a healthy-sized 3.2″ HVGA capacitive touchscreen, Wi-Fi, 3.2MP camera, Bluetooth, and has a microSDHC card slot with  32 GB max storage. It came with 2GB card and I am working on sizing up to 8GB thanks to a Facebook status update I found out Dov has the right size card reader to check the spare one I have.

Large touch screen is easy to customize with shortcuts to apps, favorites, and widgets. Up to 7 customizable home screens so you can organize all of your favorite games and applications to various pages. I was able to move a few buttons around without even reading the manual. I moved Twitter button by accident and that paved the way to getting facebook WordPress and Gmail buttons all within easy access on my front-page screen.

The browser provides a full experience similar to that on a PC considering it is a small phone. I was surprised at how easy it was to read and navigate.

Apparently, the talk time is  7.5 hours max or 450 minutes and standby is 480 hours max or 20 days 1500 mAh LiIon. I doubt I will ever be able to confirm that as browsing the net uses resources faster, and I cannot see myself stop surfing long enough to verify their numbers.

Compatibility with all Google apps, favorites, and widgets. The phone automatically asks if you want to sync all your contacts to your preferred social media.

Wi-Fi connectivity easy access to Wi-Fi Hot Spots, providing Internet access at broadband speeds.

Social Networking is remarkably easy with one-touch access to Twitter, Facebook, and other top social networks. Take and share pictures, videos, comments, and update your status – all while on the move. The social network message key gives you remarkably easy access to Twitter, Facebook, and other top social networks. Take and share pictures, videos, comments, and update your status while on the move. Which is why I wanted this kind of phone the most. Thanks, tacoboy for finding a good one while in Vegas, now we have to work out getting him one somehow as he fell in love with mine.

The video I posted above [ Dubai Airports Flash Mob] was the first one I watched from twitter on my new phone – I thought it was super cool.

6 thoughts on “Blogging in Bed

  1. tacogirl says:

    Thanks Carbunkle Trumpet. Yes still sick but after 2 days of rest and not even touching my lap top other tan to turn it on, feeling a bit better. I am trying to get back in my groove as emails do not take sick breaks lol.

  2. Claude Joly says:

    Hey that looks great. I have been watching your blog for a while Any chance you can send me a 6month rental info ..thanks cj

  3. Carbunkle Trumpet says:

    Who is this ‘Robilio’ jackass? He sounds like he is the mob but on a smaller scale. I hear that Rain-x is good over ice with a lime too!

    I will get you a small bottle ($10.00BZE) and send it down to you. I have a couple getting married tomorrow and will be staying at Coppola’s resort in Placencia and they may need to come meet the world famous Taco Girl.


    Ps you still sick?

  4. Jason Southwell says:

    Just thought you should know that you can swap out the keyboards on android very easily. My favorite is SwiftKey X and it can be found in the android market. It’s absolutely the best keyboard on any touchscreen phone ever.

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