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Neighborhood Watch Meeting

A bit of back tracking to Friday night we went to the Neighborhood Watch meeting at Tim and Tina’s house. The meeting was a big success and we now have a phone tree for our area. The idea is that we all have the list of everyone’s numbers and what general area they live and each person will make a separate card with 3 numbers on it. Then should someone need help they will call 3 numbers and those people in turn will call 3 more if needed – it is about getting to know our neighbors and becoming a stronger community. JoBelize volunteered to go home type it up and get Tim a disk – we all had the list within 24h now that’s team work.

We also learned that the Neighborhood Watch is recognized by the by the Belize Government which is so important as we are all working together to enjoy a Safe San Pedro.

At the meeting the BDF and Coast Guard came up. The new houses that were built for them are great but those guys still need a lot of help to make their quality of life better.
Below are pictures of the BDF / Coast guard housing courtesy of Carole. Currently there are about 10 – 14 guys staying between the 2 wood Mennonite houses and they do not have their own bathroom and have to use the neighbors.

Pretty much any donations would be welcome – bedding – towels – toiletries – a bbq – cookware – fresh baked cookies – you name it. Let’s join together and give support to the guys who are helping to keep us safe. Holy Cross School has just donated a stove, microwave 4 toilets and loaned them some foam pads for temporary beds.

A few donations that were recently dropped off


  1. Cal and I have been offering to assist with the water situation but apparently the GOB was supposed to be handling this. Since it hasn’t been sorted out we will try again to help.

    Thanks for posting a plea for all of the little bits and pieces that the BDF and Coast Guard personnel could use to make life a little more comfortable.

  2. Apparently they do have water now Amanda – not sure to what degree – since posting this morning one of the message boarders has already stepped up and said she will bring towels and some personal items for the boys.

  3. Just saw Jack on some of your pictures. Do you have his email just in case? I met him last Friday but had to leave belore exchanging contacts. Thanks, Peter

  4. Hi Peter just email me via the one in my profile and I can pass Jacks email to you.

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