2012 San Pedro Lobsterfest

Neighborhood Watch and Trivia Night at Roadkill Bar

Is it just me or is the internet painfully slow this morning? It is taking forever to email phone notes from last night to myself from last nights neighborhood watch meeting. I guess I should be thankful it is on at all before 9:00am after all the power outs we had last night. We ended our neighborhood watch meeting in the dark, got some power for a bit after trivia night had started  and left Roadkill Bar in the dark again. Thankfully Matt had candles, Forrest showed up with extra lighting and Marina’s store was not fazed by the power out. They even had staff with flashlights guiding us so we could see the junk food we were after on our way home.

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Neighborhood Watch meeting at Catamaran Beach Bar
 2012 San Pedro Lobsterfest
Tracy using his 2012 San Pedro Lobsterfest koozie
san pedro bars
Forrest in boyscout mode brought 2 lights to trivia with him
2012 san pedro lobsterfest
roadkill bar belize
Trivia night at Roadkill Bar
roadkill bar san pedro
Busy trivia night considering power was out half  the time


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