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While it can be done and there is noticeable improvement lately, it is not always easy to find healthy foods in grocery stores here San Pedro.

In an effort to help tacoboy and I get better at healthy foods and healthy ways, I decided to pay a visit to our local health food store and see what they had and do some price comparisons for the items I bought. After all was said and done I was happy with the items I got for the price paid. Even the unknown brand of probiotics I checked out at GNC in Playa Del Carmen fell in the $25 USD range.

Since the store prices were all in Belize dollars I converted them to USD dollars  to go with the online comparison.

PB8 probiotcs on sale $5 off $22.50 – online sale $14.26  – list price was shown at $24.99
Now Brand Spirulina $21.00 – online sale $24.50 – list price was shown at $41.99
Xyliwhite toothpaste Now Brand $8.50 –  online sale $4.49 list price was shown at $4.99
Xyliwhite mouthwash Now Brand $11.00 – online sale $8.01 – list price was shown at $10.21
2 Lara Bars 1/2 price $4.00 –  online sale $2.5 –  list price was shown at $3.40
Holy Tea $10.00 –  line price $12.00
Grand total $77:00  –  online sale pricing grand total $64.51

Phyllis the shop owner is willing to take special orders for products and she will let you know if some items the shipping will be reasonable or not. She also sells smaller sized quantities for people who are on vacation and  do not want to pack things like protein powder, stevia, vitamins and Dr Broners soap. Don’t forget to join  GoNature Health & Wellness Centre facebook page if you want to keep up with their weekly specials and their latest stock.

belize shopping
Pro biotic, spirulina powder and holy tea
shopping in san pedro
Phyllis checking out my order

4 thoughts on “Natural Health Food Store

  1. tacogirl says:

    Hi Criss

    The health store closed down 2 years ago.

    What kind of stuff are you looking for?

    Belize City and Belmopan are the two health stores I know of in country right now.

  2. criss says:

    do you have a complete list price of your products with pics
    i’m from sarteneja and we are a lot of gringo looking for product like yours if we buy stuff from your business could you be able to ship it on the thunderbolt

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