Chapin Duran Fundraiser at Wayo’s and Judging the Christmas Lights of San Pedro

I really wanted to go to the Chapin Duran fundraiser at Wayo’s but I just did not have in me and I have strict orders from a few people that when I am not feeling the energy I need to take it easy and that is all there is too it. My mood was more solitary and I decided to go for a walk and find someone to hang out with for a bit. I went as far as Tropic Air then turned around again and headed for home. In all that time the only person that stopped me and wanted to do something was Percy and while he seemed like an ok guy, he was not anyone I was looking to get into trouble with 🙂 As I kept walking south a friend offered to give me a ride, since he was headed to close to where I live that made my decision of where next easier. Not quite ready to banish myself to absolute relaxation and quiet, I decided to go around the corner to Glenn’s house to drop something off, he offered me a Baileys on the rocks and we chatted in his workshop for a while, just what I needed. Write up from junior blogger Nina Kumar, she also gets photo credit for all the great pictures below. The fundraiser for Mr. Hector Duran’s family at Wayo’s Beach Bar, was a HUGE success. It was a great turnout with over a hundred people. We arrived with the Roman Catholic Youth Ministry Choir, my mom and I happened to be singing with this choir. The Youth Choir was invited by Wayo to sing and we were grateful for the opportunity to help. The kids were nervous, but very excited. I extracted myself long enough to get a few pictures, my favorite of Joe Chung holding the bathroom sign. Everyone at the event was in high spirits there was much laughing, eating, and drinking. There was a Chinese Auction and Silent Auction too. Castillo’s Hardware, Tropic Air, and Chuck and Robbie’s dive shop were just a few of the many prizes up for grabs. As the night went on the people heard both choirs sing. They both sounded wonderful and got many applauses. They both together sang Feliz Navidad. The words were projected on the screen and the whole crowd sang along. It was a great night with lots of fun and it went toward a great cause.

For more Christmas fun….. Check out the annual San Pedro Sun Christmas light decorating competition. In john’s Sweet Charity in Ambergris Caye, Belize post not only will you find more pics of the Chapin Duran fundraiser, but you will find some very good buildinformation. Including his list of materials required to construct the foundations – including the water and septic tanks- floor and walls. When he added up the quantities it was an eye-opener for him . It might be for you too: Rebar – 3,586 lengths of varying circumference ( a total of 130,965 feet) Cement – 2,727 bags with a combined weight of 115,897 kilos Concrete Mix – 686 cubic yards Cement block (8?) – 4,099 Cement block (6?) – 2,515 Cement block (4?) – 160 Water – 16,610 gallons For those of you interested in Buying Land and building a house in Belize John’s Blog – Belize- building a new life . A Belize blog is a must read, he is detailing the whole process including that h and his wife Rose decided to build in North Ambergris Caye after already having bought land South in San Pablo area.

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