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National Regatta

The Belize Sailing Association has invited 17 young Optimist Class Dinghy Sailors from San Pedro to compete in the 2012 Belize National Regatta.  The 2-day regatta will be held here in downtown San Pedro, off Central Park, the weekend of November 17 – 18.

Listed alphabetically, the San Pedro Junior sailors are:

Jerdon Andeson                       Davin Puc
Zulema Ayala                          Alexander Rhaburn *
Luis Blanco                                Cade Segura
Cllifton Everett Cain              Mitchell Sersland
Lily Heyden                              Christian Trejo
Morgain Jones                          Blanca Velasquez
Stephanie Keating                   Kevin Velasquez
Faith Noel                                  Samantha Velasquez
Jorge Oliveres

They will race for the National Championship as will nine other junior sailors from clubs on the mainland.

*Alexander Rhaburn is the defending (2011) National Champion.

Absent from the Group photo are  photo are Morgain Jones, Cade Segura, Mitchell Sersland, and Banca Velasquez.

san pedro sailing club
National Regatta Invitees

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