San Pedro Belize beach pictures

Nacho Time

Ed came by the tacoshack for a bit to hook up with our wireless, that was fun cause I got to say hi to Dita when she called. David and Ryan stopped by to bring some party supplies, donations for the school and help us stock up on our peanut butter supply (thanks so much for everything)

Ed also came by to borrow Paul’s rust bucket I mean bike so he has wheels for the rest of his stay. We all decided to meet up at BC’s for nachos. Alexis was there when Paul and I arrived so we asked him to join us for a soda. He knows I usually have my camera with me and today he asked if he could get some practice in and shoot a few pictures. Alex did really well you can see his photo credits below. Was not long after Ed left that a bunch of our friends turned up after their hair appointments with Carole. Before he left, Alex gave me a bracelet at the end of the night as a special treat and friends were joking with Paul that he better watch out cause I was getting jewelery from another boy.

On a side note…

There has been much talk lately about the garbage situation on the island. We were all at the bar eating dinner, I was sharing my nachos with Alex I saw him look down and see some crumpled napkins on the floor. He stopped eating for a minute picked up all the garbage around his stool threw it out went and cleaned his hands and returned to finish his meal. I think it is a great sign that the kids are learning and hopefully they can teach the adults a thing or 2.


Paul and I by Alexis

Band played inside

Band shot by Alexis

Ed Paul and I by Alexis

Ed Paul and Alexis

Miss Dianne by Alexis

Boat shot by Alexis


Ramons by Alexis

Looking 10 years younger after new haircuts at Carole Goudreau Esthetic

Carole and Dick

Denise and Skip

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