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Living in Belize

Getting crazy at Canucks


Canucks was fun last night especially when Rick took a bite out of a piece of soap thinking it was coconut we all cracked up over that one and said his potty mouth is cured.

David and his son Ryan came out to play and Ed turned up not long after. Molly kept us entertained with OCD (obsessive coconut disorder). It rained pretty hard a couple of times so we had to back away from the open side of the bar for a bit.

Caught a ride home with Dick and Carole and as fate would have it ran into Walter and the girls as soon as we jumped off the cart to walk up out street.

Rick enjoying a snack ( piece of soap ha ha)

Taking shelter from the rain

David and Molly

Ryan and molly

A few of the gang

Paul and Ed

Molly and Paul dancing

Cindy Paul and I taken by Ed

Usual Suspects

Dancing the night away

Dick and Carole

Walter and the girls

Close up

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  1. travelqueen October 22, 2007

    Awe… I miss DB! 🙁


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