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My September Celebrations Surprise Party


Since my birthday falls under the biggest party month in Belize “September Celebrations” I decided to throw myself a really good surprise party. I knew I could use my birthday as a good excuse to get Paul off the island for some old fashioned country downtime at one of my favorite resorts in Belize.

You might be wondering how can you throw yourself a surprise party?

The surprise is actually for Paul and something to do with one of his favorite book series Lord of the Rings and the custom of people giving away gifts on their birthdays instead of receiving them. He did it for me when we first started dating so I figured I would give it a try. In my book, awesome parties make great gifts.

I know he will not mind I have turned our romantic birthday getaway into surprise celebration with friends. It will make the moonlight horse ride and bonfire so much better, plus I can’t wait to watch Tinker with the talking birds.

We flew out on the 8:00 am Tropic Air flight from San Pedro to Belmopan, another round of people will take the 11:30 flight. A few of the gang decided to get some extra adventure in by flying to Municipal Airport on the 9:00 am and catching the 10:00 am express bus to Belmopan, they will be here any minute. The last two are joining us Monday for the big party.

Most of you are familiar with the saying a picture is worth a thousand words. Sometimes when you are in the moment, there are no words to truly describe it. This is how I feel about time spent at Banana Bank Lodge and why I chose it for my party. Over half the people coming have not been here yet and I cannot wait to see everyone fall in love with the place. Those of us that have already been always enjoy seeing the Carr family, the friendly staff, family style food and the spacious country grounds. Putting it out there that none of us step on any “road apples” from John Carr’s horses 🙂

If you want more Belmopan information, Belize Art, and Cowboy pics, like Banana Bank Facebook page.

To see what other folks have to say about it, check out Banana Bank Lodge’s Trip Advisor reviews here.

I will leave you with a short slideshow featuring a small bit of the beauty of Banana Bank.


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  1. tacogirl September 10, 2014

    They have been there forever Emily, it’s a great place to stay.

  2. Emily September 8, 2014

    Looks like a very cool place — I’d never heard of this one, Laurie. Have a wonderful birthday celebration!

  3. tacogirl September 7, 2014

    Thanks Charlotte, it is super gorgeous here.

  4. Charlotte September 7, 2014

    Happy Birthday! . I love the idea of giving away gifts instead of receiving. What a gorgeous slide show.

  5. tacogirl September 7, 2014

    Sept 8th Susan. Happy birthday to you too. Surprise went off great. Everyone hid behind the bar in the dining hall and jumped up when he came in.

  6. Susan Watts September 7, 2014

    Happy Birthday! What day? Mine is 9/26 – enjoy your surprise party, looks like fun!


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