contest by jane west and bruce west of mmm taste this

My Lucky Day

You do not have to be a chef to Like Mmm, Taste This facebook page. Aside from many easy to follow recipes you will find yummy looking foodie pictures, nutritional information and more.

Yesterday liking their page turned me into one lucky  girl. Imagine my surprise and delight when I got home from a joyride to town with Mary1220 and found the following , message and picture from Jane West  on my facebook page:

!!! — DING! DING! DING! — !!!
And the winner of being our ** 200th** LIKE on our Mmm, Taste This page is – Laurie Norton! Yep, no lie, for true! You are our lucky #200! Next time we come down, you will receive not one, not two, but THREE Chocolove Premium Chocolate Bars!
(It may be a few months, but don’t worry – I won’t forget!)
Thanks Laurie, and everyone else who LIKED our page!

contest by jane west and bruce west of mmm taste this
Mmm Taste This facebook contest prize

The funny Part was that  I was already in chocolate mode. We were invited to dinner and I was in charge of dessert, wanting to keep it simple yet deluxe, my first thought was KaKaw Belizean Chocolate. I purchased 15 assorted pieces and my mix included chocolate covered toffee, chocolate banana caramel, chocolate covered ginger and champagne truffles to name a few. If I had not just told you it was dessert, you might think I was stocking up for their 3 week closure with the size of my order. We did out due diligence and they were inhaled within 15 minutes at the card table by  Cindy , Andy, Paul and I.

kakaw belize chocolate company
Kakaw Belizean Chocolate

While in town I also made a pit stop at Candle Garden for flowers while Mary was in a meeting at Fido’s. I got back to the golf cart first and was sitting there with flowers and who walks up to  go to Premium Wine but Cindy [who the flowers were for], Andy and Tinker. Of course we kept seeing them around town afterwards and hiding the flowers became a running joke.

shopping in belize
Candle Garden flower shop

I took this next one because it reminded me of  September Celebration shoes picture that I took in Belize city at Brodie’s – featured in How I go magazine shopping in Belize. This is always a great time to visit Belize, Romantic Travel Belize has the 2013 September Celebrations event calendar posted from the National Institute of Culture and History.

belize shopping
Gearing up for September Celebrations at Top Notch

After a delicious dinner of curry shrimp and dessert truffles, we played cards and played with my new Samsung wifi digital camera. I did my first trial run of emailing a picture from the camera to Andy and got more practice with the social sharing option. Both Cindy and I have loved Samsung cameras for a long time. They have really good lenses this one has a Schneider-KREUZNACH lens and of course we all love the built in picture frame option. Can’t wait to use it with Tinker next time I see her, she was sleeping when we got there.

WI-Fi Digital Camera
Andy on TV
samsung wifi digital camera
Andy’s new Christmas card
wifi camera
Pull my Finger
wifi digital camera
Cheers mates
samsung wifi camera
Billboard boy of 2013

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