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Travel Tuesday How I go Magazine Shopping in Belize

People often take things for granted when they are starstruck and daydreaming about living on a tropical island. Something so simple as getting a magazine can be a difficult chore or a fun adventure depending on how you look at it. I say how could it not be fun when it involve a 15 minute plane ride and a comfortable taxi through Belize City.

Ordinarily I would have gone straight to San Pedro Books, but sadly they are no longer, which is a shame as I know I would have found what I wanted there. A few months after seeing copies of 2 year old Parents Magazines for $17.95 bzd at Island Supermarket, I crossed them off my magazine  store shopping list until I see otherwise. The only other place I know o that sells magazines in San Pedro is Caye Supplies, they sell Belize News Exchange Magazine, but that is not what I needed this time.

Since I had to fly over for to a meeting, I decided to tie that in with a shopping in Belize City and see what I kind of deals I could score in the area of my favorite magazine store.

I have been trying to get this blog post done since 5:00am but have been bouncing around work like a ping-pong ball, so I will post it in a few stages over the course of the day. I shot lots of Maya flight and taxi driving video too and will add one soon if not to this post. I will leave you with  a great #Ttravel Tuesday vacation planning piece and  my my first set of magazine shopping adventure pics from my Maya Air puddle jumper ride.

No matter if you are single, planning a destination wedding or are already happily married, this Romantic Travel Belize blog post The Seven Stages of Travel and the Destination Bride is worth a read.

For the pictures, it was one of those great flights where I got to go airport hopping. We stopped at Philip Goldson Airport first and then headed off to our main destination Municipal Airport.  Stay tuned for write up of  where I shopped and what I bought.

philip goldson international airport belize
Flying to Philip Goldson International Airport Belize taken with Go Pro Hero2
Landing at International airport belize
Landing at International airport in Belize
international airport belize
Pit stop at Philip Goldson International Airport
municipal airport
Heading to Municipal Airport
 municipal airport belize city
Flying to Municipal Airport
municipal airport belize
Flying to Municipal Airport

Maya staff are always super friendly and one of them was quick spot me looking for Jeff and ask if I wanted a cab. He helped me find one that was already taking a couple of people in the direction I was going.

I could have called this post I got Paraded in Belize City. Due to a religious parade, my cab driver politely asked if he could let me off early, instead of dropping me off at Brodies. I did not mind and it was clear I would do better on foot than I would in his cab. I caught the tale end of the parade and stepped into the regular  Albert Street hustle and bustle.

I decided to do the surrounding area first and then hit Brodies last as I knew I would have packages after going there. I went to the downtown mall and scored some combs,  nice $5 bracelets, $5 reading glasses  and two fish charms. After that I hit Miami Fashion and that was a  rare time where I was reverse bartered. Instead of me trying to get a deal on the  price, the store clerk chased me down our front of his store lowering the price from 49.99 to 39.99 on a pair of red, cork heel wedge shoes – how could I refuse that after all I was celebrating and in a really good mood after my meeting.

Next came Brodies. I walked around like a kid in a candy store looking at all the stuff and saving the magazines for last. I found 3 good ones, Sport Fishing, Marlin and Saltwater Fisherman that made me really happy, I was surprised I did not find any diving magazines. Anyone have any old fishing or diving magazines kicking around hat they would sell or donate to my work research?

I had not done a swing bridge picture in a long time so I decided to snap one off on the way to Angelus Press. I went there for for ideas and then headed for Simon Quan, where I scored a new kitchen garbage can and some nice plastic popcorn buckets for Pedro, he recently bought a popcorn machine for the bar.

My time was running out and I had to get back to Municipal. I was looking for the green license plates of a cab, and saw a cool wood panel one but it was parked and empty. I decided to head back across the swing bridge knowing I could catch one there and sure enough as soon as I got a few feet on the bridge one started crossing that was going my way. I never caught my drivers name but he was really nice and we talked about everything from crime and being safe to cameras.

He got me to Maya airport just in time and check in for the 1:30 flight from Municipal to San Pedro. Video of my flight and driving around Belize City coming soon. soon.

belize city
I got Paraded in Belize City while on my way to buy magazines
elize shopping
Destination in sight, Brodies on Albert Street
shopping in belize
Downtown Mall
broades store in belize
Perfect September Celebration shoes
belize shops
Miami Fashion
belize shopping
Largest magazine selection at Brodies
belize bridges
Boats at the Swing Bridge
woody station wagon cab in belize city
Old Woody station wagon cab
san pedro airport
Heading to San Pedro
belize city shopping
My Belize City Shopping

5 thoughts on “Travel Tuesday How I go Magazine Shopping in Belize

  1. tacogirl says:

    I could not fin Saltwater Sportsman app, I did get Florida Sportsman which is equally as exciting. I need to get my phone fixed [or a better one] so I can ad it there too.

  2. Dr Al says:

    P/S skip the coffee idea and get thee to a pharmacy in Chetumal and score some methylphenidate 5 mg in the am and u will be focused like a Zeiss binocular. Trust me 🙂

  3. Dr Al says:

    I found Saltwater Sportsman at the App Store for free. So u just download and print for your friend. Except you would need a wireless printer I guess. Unless you emailed the mag to him. Better idea actually.

  4. tacogirl says:

    Thanks as always for the editing Dr Al. I fixed ones I removed from your comment and could not find the other. Was doing CTRL F and got pink box always. Will slow down and make my dyslexic ADD brain to look again.

    I have a tablet and am not opposed to having magazines on it. For work I think hard copies are better though. While I trust him 100%, it was easier to loan Rudy my copy Saltwater Sportsman to Rudy so he could read the kite fishing article than leave my tablet there for a week until our next meeting.

    Black iced coffee that is a harsh punishment 🙂 2 cups with an inch of milk and a 1/4 table spoon of sugar is my daily bad girl breakfast.

  5. Dr Al says:

    The only place I know o should be of
    For to a meeting should be for a meeting
    Conclusion: if you are going to blog at dawn make sure u have consumed 3 cups of black coffee which should equal 5mg of methylphenidate
    Also get an I pad and at the App Store u can find any magazine u want every created and never leave the beach. Safer and cheaper than Belize city runs. Just sayin’

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