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Must resist tempation

Up at 5 am this morning and caught a great sunrise from our veranda. By the time 8 am rolled around I was getting grouchy and needed to eat something. Since today is an exercise morning I did bacon and eggs again to have something a bit more substantial in me as I tend to burn food of really fast.

After class Mary and I zipped into town then headed back and decided to stop at Canucks and see if Paul was there. He was supposed to go wait for the vegetable run. We did not see him but ran into Rene instead with his bags full of veggies. We both got lots of good stuff at a decent price.

Came home and had broccoli cauliflower and fish for lunch.

Tonight is my big test of strength we are going to a wine and appy party at quicksilver Dianne’s place tonight. Wine I can live without it is all the cheese and chips and yummy stuff that could do me in.






$33 bzd worth of veggies

2 thoughts on “Must resist tempation

  1. tacogirl says:

    Yw Jack and Carin. That is so cool how you can relate to the same wonderful view in San Diego. Dan is cracking 🙂

  2. Anonymous says:


    Thanks for the sunrise photos. Carin and I are loving them. What a coincidence to be able to know EXACTLY the perspective that inspired your shots. Our verandah looks out on the foliage right next to you. Beautiful suprise on this Sunday morning in San Diego to be able to see sunrise from, basically our porch in San Pedro. Hope you and Paul are enjoying the new digs. Tell Drummer Dan to get cracking, that I have eyes everywhere…

    Jack & Carin

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