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Day 2 of cleanse

It’s going to be another hot one today in San Pedro.

Had my small bit of black coffee this morning. Paul has been trying to make it as fancy as he can so he asked Coleen’s advice and has been making it in the blender with ice. I am just finishing my supplements now so I can have an apple. Will have something a bit more substantial before going to aqua fitness class.

2 things to be happy about this morning 1. so far no headaches 2. I just had bacon and eggs.

Since pork is in the 20% column of the meal plan I bought some Canadian bacon at the sausage factory as it does not have a lot of fat on it. I have to admit I was a bit excited and I may have gone over 20% but I could not help myself – hungry girl on the loose. Unfortunately my stomach is still wondering where the home-fries and toast are.

After class I came home and had a small bowl of pecans and sunflower seeds and was instantly over taken by the need to nap – missed out on lunch completely. Took my afternoon snack chatting with Rick at the dining room table and browsing the papers – had apple juice and cucumber slices.

Dinner was great – fish fillets veggies and brown rice which I was happily eating while watching Gordon Ramsey kitchen nightmares revisited. Rick came home and joined me – we were on the last segment of the show when all of a sudden the political rally blipped in. That sure got us off the couches and away from the t.v in a hurry which was a good thing as I had to bring our laundry in incase it rains.

(incase you are wondering what happened to Paul today he has been on the veranda reformatting lap top for hours and hours barely making a peep – well maybe the occasional curse word.)

411: rubyd told me today Julia the fruit lady across from Ramons needs more surgery. As far as I know there is no official fundraiser yet but if you happen to be stopping by please remember to stop and buy some healthy fruit snacks.

A few more pictures from our garden

Red berries

Pink flowers


Orange flowers

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