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Living in Belize

Moving preparation


This morning I was thinking I could be farther along organizing and packing – thankful I do not have much stuff compared to what I used to have – I am sure it will seem like a lot when the time comes. Since we have do not have boxes yet, I got to painting an old desk today in preparation for our move.

Sharon walked nearly 27000 steps yesterday which is 9.58 miles – Jackie and Lisbon are knackered from the 3 long walks. You can read more about fit girls weight loss challenge on Sharon’s blog.

Finished second coat of paint on desk.

Things are getting serious now – instead of the usual drive by in her cart, I caught Sharon in town riding her shiny new red bike courtesy of Desi. I also saw she is in full sabotage mode now according to Cindy (on Sharon’s blog).

Sending a shout out to Herb – we miss seeing you driving about town in your yellow cart.

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  1. tacogirl August 1, 2008

    Anytime is a good time to move to paradise – where ever that is for the individual.

  2. Anonymous July 10, 2008

    Hey Taco Girl, We caught the Island Magazine article that talked about Ex Pats finding a place for $89k US. My wife thought with the English influsence we would have a chance to make bussiness work. Looke like we are too late to join in on the perfect island mecca.


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