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Living in Belize

Fun Monday


Just been running errands and taking care of business this morning. It is quite hot right now and I feel like the shower I just took was hours ago and not 5 min ha ha.

We caught a 3 pm boat to La Perla for a special party to meet Sari’s parents Ruth and Charlie. very interesting people both sharp and great conversation. Especially Charlie at 95 what a trooper to make the trip here.

Sari doing speech

Veranda party

Lovely sky

Insert yourself here

Band played on

Catching an early boat

La Perla Villa

2 Pauls playing pool

Nice view

Chatting with Charlie


Off to look at another villa

Having a good time

Listening to the band from veranda

2 Pauls and Sari

Ruth standing beside Sari

Peaceful room


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  1. tacogirl September 15, 2008

    That is a toss up beefman there are so many good local artists both here and on Caye Caulker. Island Dog, Orlando Garrido, to name a couple that come to mind. There are a few good galleries to check out the Gallery and Belizean arts when you come to see some great art. Glad you found me.

  2. beefman July 9, 2008

    We saw your blog site in the Islands magazine. Wanted to return to Belize before the article was finished. We just love San Pedro.
    Your connection will have to keep us updated until we return in the spring of 09.
    The lady of my life would like to know, who is your favorite local artist?


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