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Morning dream

I woke up from a dream about moving into a new place. We were on the water and I went in for a bit. It was very clear and I could see small fish swimming around.

I was helping Jo with her blog labels last night so that they are more functional and are doing what they are supposed to. That got me thinking that I really should add labels to the school blog as well to make it easier to for people to search and find information. – so I made that my morning task.

I am officially sick of internet explorer it has had me cursing %$#@&* all morning. I use fire fox for my blog which is way better and I use explorer for the school blog but I think I am going to have to find a new browser for working on the school blog if this keeps up. On a better note, my prosperity box is already working, I would like to welcome Gurustu as a new cartoonist on tacogirl blog.

I was going through our old box which was a small round wood one and I pulled everything out to see what I might want to keep in the new one and what it was time to let go of. I found an old business card of mine that was curled around the edges and since Paul had designed new tacogirlblog ones for me and that was definitely a focus of mine to continue in building my blog I added the new card.

It was not long after that I got to surfing on the net and I found the website of someone I had been in contact with about a year ago. he does cartoons so I wrote him and asked him if I could use his work in my blog.

This morning I had an email from Stu and this was his last few lines… And PS… thanks for reinvigorating my belief in the Law of Attraction… I just declared attracting more people for my cartoons this morning!

Many people might say that was a coincidence, but I have to say I really believe that was universe is in action.

A few new people have started prosperity boxes, I got an email from a woman in Bay St. Louis Ms asking for the direction. Saw Diane at karaoke contest last night and she said her and Tracy both made them, Lara also did one as well. It will be interesting to see what happens for everyone.

Had a nice evening. Robert and Rene took us out for a lovely dinner at Blue water Grill with their friends and kids. Afterwards we went to Rock the Box karaoke contest.

Found some more Beth and Dita both doing boxes as well.

3 thoughts on “Morning dream

  1. GuruStu says:

    Glad to be visiting your island 🙂

    And as a follow up… the next morning I said ‘I am attracting some more steady web design work’ and that afternoon, someone wrote to be asking ‘do you know anyone looking for steady web work?’

    So much for coincidence 🙂

    Keep the light on!


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