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Arts and Crafts day

Had a quiet day today doing arts and crafts. I was jazzing up our new prosperity box – a net friend from Japan told me to give it a try once so I did. We have had one going for over two years now and it has been interesting to watch things unfold as a result of what we put in our box.

I noticed the full moon was coming up this week and I decided it was time to make a new box. After a talk Paul and I had the other night, I figured we were due for a bigger box and ready to let more in. I will keep you posted when things start to happen. If anyone wants the directions to make their own just email me at the address in my profile and I will send it to you.

Watched the Good Friday Procession tonight. Alexis and his friends happened to be passing by and saw me so they came upstairs to hang out for a bit. I gave them some spinning tops to play with. After they got tired of that they came inside and wanted to look at some pictures I had taken so I pulled up the school blog so they could see some people they know.




spinning tops

Alexis Kevin Javier

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