San Pedro Belize beach pictures

Happy Easter

Paul and I went for an iced tea today at BC’s, I still have not been able to shake being sick but thought that getting out for a while might do me good. We decided to walk to walk down the beach afterward, it was packed – so many families were out enjoying a sunny Easter Sunday at the beach.

We were not planning to stay out long but taking pictures and fresh air was making me feel a bit better so I asked Paul if he wanted to walk a bit further and he said ok. We were heading past the Phoenix and Robert happened to be out on his deck people watching and flagged us down. That was it we were officially hijacked and our plans for a short walk down the beach ended up into a 6 hour outing.

We had a great time hanging out and talked for hours. Robert and Rene ordered Pedro’s pizza and invited us to stay and eat. Jill and Eric went with their kids to El Patio. Afterwards we went to DandE’s for custard and then made our way back home.

Sude note: We had a chance to look inside the Phoenix and the units there are really nice. Greta layout – very open, high ceilings and lots of room.

I took lots of great pictures – saw more floaty toys than ever today – must have been this years favorite easter gift.

Hello from San Pedro

Central park beach was packed

Beach day

Easter fun

Swimming day

Easter sea monster


Spare tire

Kids galore

More kids

Big boys

Shallow water


Ice cream

Hanging out

Beach toys

More beach toys

A boy and his shark

Sunday driver


Heading off to sea

Big push

Sinking fast

Shark attack

Colorful balls

Sea monster

Ball salesman

A girl and her floaty sea monster

Taking a dip

Dolphin rider

Rob Eric Jill Rene and Paul

Big moon

Moon reflection

Java Joe frozen custard with a bullseye rocks

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