San Pedro Belize beach pictures

Mixed Nuts

You just never know who you will run into at Pedro’s.

In addition to the usual crowd, a few of the message boarders were there – Bill Becky, Buzz, Karen, Tony. It was not long before Cindy turned up, JD led the cheering – happy to see her there to hang out now that she does not work there. Carole did not stay long – she is off to Chetumal with Indygal early in the morning.

Becky and Paul ordered Pizza’s and we where all chatting away when Jim – Honorable Said Musa the Prime Minister of Belize and a couple of his body guards walked in. Jim introduced Said to our table, as he shook my hand, Said mentioned he remembered me from the SPBA meeting earlier.

Last but not least came Leah-Ann, I had left a message for her earlier at Banana Beach where she could find us. She had been out with KC and Laura and decided to stop in on her way back.

Cindy and I had fun taking pictures with our matching cameras.

As we were getting ready to leave and saying our goodbyes, Forrest rang the bell and jager shots got passed around to all who wanted one. Paul declined but Peter twisted his arm and got him to drink it anyways. It was like watching a kid being told he has to drink his cough medicine ha ha.

Time to go Paul has fallen asleep while channel surfing and I was not looking to watch an infomercial right now. So lucky I get to wake up on taco time tomorrow.

Zippy – Forrest – Paul – Carole who was coming back from a massage with Zac

Tony – Karen – Buzz

Cindy – Sharron – Bill

Cindy not behind the bar

Said and Pedro

Forrest gives a great shoulder rub

Paul – Becky – Bill – Cindy – Zippy

Said and Walter

Sharon – Said – myself – photo credit Cindy

Pizza time – photo credit Leah-Ann

Carson and JD

Forrest rang the bell

Jager time

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