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Hooking up is easy in San Pedro

Back to the beginning.

Cultural Day was a big success. I had a chance to check it out before the advisory board meeting. The kids at Holy Cross did a wonderful job along with the help of their teachers. They decided to go big and celebrate many cultures including Garafuna, Creole, Mestizo, Mayan and Arab cultures. Kids were excited to be a part of it – lots of them got costumed up for the event. Some preformed an Arabic dance, others did food tasting at their booths. Best booth went to Mayan temple – they were doing tamale samples and had a live chicken. Many were asking for pictures as always. (somehow we need to get a camera club up and running – any brainstorming on that is welcome)

To see more of the fun, please visit the school blog

What a cutie – taking a peek

Mayan Temple


Painted up

Little Indian

Enjoying school

Lots of new growth at Holy Cross


Winning booth

Young warrior

Too much fun at Banana Beach tonight – time to do some serious couch surfing

Poolside party at Banana Beach

Zac – Paul – Me – Stacy

Ambushing TQ while she was sleeping

Back to the pool

Some went to blue water to eat some stayed at BC’s and I opted to catch a ride with Dick and get a quick break from BCs before heading to Banana Beach party. It was great to see klc and tq this aft, Buzz and Karen were just leaving, so did not get more than a passing hello with them , caught up with ss and Donna as well.

Perfect timing Paul just got home and I am done and ready to go.

Side note…

I put the new battaries that Bill brought in my pedometer today. Earlier I walked 5368 steps which breaks down to 21 min,2458 aerobic steps or 1.69 miles, I bet I broke 2 but took it out of my pocked before beach bar ha ha.

KC – Laura – Simon – TQ – Klcman -Leah-Ann’s toes

Add in Leah-Anns whole foot

Money shot


Bill and Becky

The real money shot

Paul and Tq

2 Pauls – Bill – Dick

Bill – Cindy – 2 Pauls – Dick

Busy day up at the school, it was cultural day and an advisory board meeting after that. I got a ride half way home on Cullen’s boat – decided to walk along the beach for a bit then cut into town near perk to see who I could find.

Within 2 minutes I ran a cart full headed for BC’s, came back to get Paul and we are off to hook up with everyone now. klcman and TQ made it to town.

Boat ride part way home

Laura – KC – Becky – Bill

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    Hi Taco Girl. We just came across your blog. Looks like Ambergris Caye is a lot of fun. I think we’ll have to visit someday.

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