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At 503 as of today, I just realized I hit a milestone breaking 500 posts on my blog.

Another milestone was I got to every aqua fitness class in the last few weeks. I was grouchy this morning due to being hungry and I did not really want to go but I decided not to cop out and that I would be better off for going.

When I got there Maureen and Rubyd had just started warm-ups. I was so glad I went we had a great class with the pool all to ourselves and after some exercise, I was in a much better frame of mind. Rubyd and I both agreed that after 3 weeks we are noticing changes in our bodies already and can tell the class is having a positive effect in more ways than one.

While I was at class Paul borrowed Ricks cart and went to Cindy’s to get all our food back because our power was on. Thanks, Cindy and Paul for storing our food and use of our shower and to everyone who offered to help us out

Thanks to Paul I finally got a different browser to do school blog. He often checks his work on my laptop to make sure what he is doing works in all browsers – boggles my mind how he can sort all that out. Goodbye explorer Hello Safari.

So far so good I am liking Safari already was very quick to make my back to school update post and I did not face the usual issues I have with explorer not being so easy going on copy and pasting in Blogspot.

I better go eat something it will be time to go to the neighborhood watch meeting soon.

The meeting was good – Neighborhood watch is definitely working on keeping San Pedro Safe. Nancy and Tim make a great team and as a result, they are working together with the Police, Town Council and to get things done. I think this area deserves a whole post to itself, so I will do that soon.

Breakfast – red apple -pecans
Lunch – Cindy C’s energy bar
Dinner – eggs bacon

I’ve been drinking lots of coconut water too.

Neighborhood watch

Neighborhood watch

4 thoughts on “Milestone

  1. tacogirl says:

    Anon sometimes I just cannot do a post all in one shot and there are many reasons for that. If the internet is acting up I will save as I go. Also when writing I tend to edit as I go and sometimes that means getting a chunk down and going back to it later or adding on what happened later on in the day in my post. I will do my best to write if there is more to come on initial post and then rrs people can check back if they desire.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Just to let you know, that readers that get you blog via rss will not see an updated you make to a post. I normally read your blog via rss, and numerous times I get a chance to drop by your actual page, only to see tons of information that you have added, after the inital post.

    Just wanted you to be aware, maybe it might be a good idea to CREATED a new entry, rather than edit /add to an old one.

    Thanks for your blog, it sure helps me keep up on AC!


  3. tacogirl says:

    Thanks Gary – I agree and have been using Firefox for years now for my personal daily use. IE was something I used for the school blog only and was glad to have an alternative. I have heard opera is good too.

  4. Gary Denness says:

    Leaving IE behind is a very worthwhile move, but in my opinion you could do better than Safari. Especially Safari loaded on a Windows machine. Personally I am trapped on Firefox, because there are a few extensions I use extensively. Scribefire for blog authoring, Delicious for bookmarks, Kwout for in browser screenshots and PicLens for photo viewing. Most of all, Searchstatus for viewing pagerank data.

    Out of the box though I would recommend Opera ( which is fully featured from the get go. It’s also fast, but I stopped bothering looking up speed comparisons sometime ago. Safari, Firefox and Opera all move quickly, and frankly I don’t care if one of them is 0.35 seconds quicker at doing something!

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