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St. Georges Caye Day

Happy St. Georges Caye Day.

A few of us celebrated in style with a girls afternoon with the 1st meeting of the philanthropist club.

We snacked chatted, drank tea from the amazon rain forest and inspired each other.

Had a difficult decision to make tonight do I go fishing with Capt Jeff and maybe Steve or to aqua fitness class? – both equally good things for me for different reasons. Fishing won but it was a toss up as it will be first class I have missed since it started.

Ready to listen to music from the black and white they are playing some great Spanish melodies. A perfect way to wind down a fabulous day.

Breakfast – pecans – red apple
Lunch – A bit of pork
Afternoon snacks vegetable slices and black beans
Dinner – veggie stir fry with soy protein and brag liquid soy

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