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March crawl

March crawl today – will be an adventure meeting lots of new people.

I will have some good pics to post later. Ran into drummer Jim at perk today and out of the blue will be at Wet Willy’s when we go tonight – will be good to see/hear them play again.

One of the cool things about March crawl is that other than Ken and Mel we really did not know anyone before hand other than having talked on the message board. Was a great group of people and many of them went the distance. Had a big rainstorm and everyone just escaped getting soaked – Paul said they made it to the phoenix by the time it started coming down so not far from Wet Willy’s. I was lucky and Lara made a detour with me so I could close our windows – she dropped me off at home a sec went to run an errand and when she came back the wind and dust had kicked up like crazy, soon as she got in the door it started pouring like mad. Luckily it did not last too long.


Off to stop 2

Getting our exercise in

All this crawling is making us thirsty

Boat yard

Group shot Boatyard

Perfect day for a crawl

Tackle Box

Tackle box gang

Off we go

Pier Lounge


Winner of a Pier Lounge t-shirt

Group shot Pier Lounge

Out of the blue

Wet Willy’s group shot

And we’re off

Lyrical King Rudy

Island Perk

Island Perk

Island Perk group shot

azbob still crawling

Still crawling at Fido’s

3 thoughts on “March crawl

  1. M. says:

    We are soooo jealous!! You guys look like it was a blast, damn…. next time wait for us!!!

    Mike and Marie (6string)

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